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Heating Services in Meredith, NH

Extend the life of your boilers and furnaces with heating services from Meredith Plumbing and Heating LLC of Meredith, New Hampshire. Call us at (603) 253-7331 to request a free estimate.

Heating Systems

We are trained and up to date on all high-efficiency boilers/furnaces, whether they are oil or propane. We offer boiler cleanings annually. We also work on any heating system: oil or gas. When you hire us to do an oil boiler or propane system replacement, we pre-buy oil and propane at a very substantial discount than homeowners have access to and can pass these substantial savings to our customers.

Oil tanks

We offer oil tank replacement and oil tank removal. We have the equipment to completely remove your oil tank and replace it with a brand new more efficient cost-effective oil tank. We have a wide selection of oil tanks to suit your particular situation and budget. Call us now for more information, a consultation or an estimate.

Alarm System

Avoid a monthly fee for a heating alarm system with installation from Meredith Plumbing and Heating LLC. Your freeze alarm allows you to call and check on the house all from your mobile phone, turning the heat up or down if the temperature drops or rises beyond a set temperature. Additionally, if there is a leak in the house, it will notify up to three numbers and will not accept an answering machine, requiring a person to punch in a four-digit security code.

Other Benefits

This alarm allows you to set the heat at a lower temperature when no one is home. When you're on your way home, you can call in to increase the temperature without maintaining that temperature the entire time you're away. You can also program the alarm so that if the power goes off in your house it will notify your desired numbers, so that you can take action.


There is a one-time installation fee for this alarm system but no monthly fees. It does require a landline phone connection. With this system, you will also receive a discount on your home insurance. There is another option to choose from with Wifi if a landline is not available.
Contact our heating contractors in Meredith, New Hampshire, for services that maximize your unit's output.