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Find broken or blocked pipes fast with high-tech service from Meredith Plumbing and Heating LLC. When working on sewer lines, we can use our sewer camera system to look for blockages or broken pipes. We can also look down the sewer line to trace out the entire line to the septic tank. This helps us accurately locate the D Box in the leach field.

Our camera system also locates water lines and wellheads that may be buried below grade. This saves you time and a lot of expense on excavation, particularly if you don't know where the sewer line is located. We can often find it in 20 minutes.


When a problem is found, Meredith Plumbing and Heating LLC eliminates it with a high-pressure washer that cleans grease and debris from a sewer line. It can also be used with hot water to thaw out frozen sewer lines. Using an electric sewer machine, we efficiently cut through roots and blockages.

It can be used in spaces up to a 6" diameter sewer pipe. For copper or galvanized pipes with frozen water mains, we have a machine that will clamp on and electrically thaw out any pipes without having to open up any floors, walls, or ceilings.
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